Irrigation Automation

Maximize efficiency with our Irrigation Automation System
Experience effortless irrigation management as our system seamlessly waters fields and sections automatically.
Harnessing the power of advanced sensors and real-time weather data, our solution empowers you to conserve substantial amounts of water while ensuring optimal crop health.
Say goodbye to manual oversight and hello to enhanced productivity with our innovative irrigation automation technology.

Valve Controller


Our valve controller connects via LoRaWAN and can manage up to 2 water valves, with the option to measure the water flow of each valve. Valves are controlled in real-time, ensuring precise irrigation. Plus, with the built-in solar panel, you won’t have to worry about battery replacements.

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LoRaWAN Gateway


If a public LoRaWAN network isn’t accessible in your area, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our private LoRa network solution. This enables seamless connection of our valve controllers and an array of LoRa sensors, including those for soil moisture, rainfall, wind, temperature, and beyond. Harnessing this data, you can finely calibrate your irrigation schedules for optimal efficiency.

Cloud Solution


Gain full control of your fields with our cloud-based platform!

Stay informed about your field’s status effortlessly from your computer or smartphone. Prepare irrigation schedules for future needs with ease and precision. Plus, track your water consumption accurately, empowering you to optimize resource usage and maximize yields.

With our platform, managing your fields has never been easier or more efficient.